Halloween Events in Las Vegas 2023

An orange pumpkin bowl filled with candy for Halloween.

Halloween takes on a new level of excitement and extravagance in the thrilling city of Las Vegas. The spooktacular season promises an unforgettable holiday experience like no other. Renowned for its vibrant nightlife, world-class entertainment venues, and boundless creativity, Las Vegas has become a mecca for those seeking unparalleled Halloween events. 

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Does Las Vegas do anything special for Halloween?

Las Vegas goes all out to ensure a memorable experience for locals and tourists alike. From elaborate costume parties at the hottest nightclubs to haunted mazes designed to terrify even the bravest souls, there is something for everyone looking to embrace the spooky spirit of Halloween. 

Some of the best things to do in Las Vegas for Halloween 2023 include:

  • Hallow Reef: Dive into a hauntingly immersive underwater experience featuring eerie creatures and spooky décor at Shark Reef Aquarium
  • HallOVeen at Opportunity Village: Enjoy family-friendly Halloween fun with rides, games, pumpkin patches, and a Magical Forest transformed into a festive wonderland
  • Blackout Dining in the Dark: Dine in complete darkness for a sensory adventure where your taste buds will be put to the test with mystery menus
  • Official Saw and Blair Witch escape rooms: Test your wits and bravery in official Saw and Blair Witch-themed escape rooms, where you’ll navigate through challenging puzzles and escape terrifying scenarios
  • Illuminarium: Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing world of lights, technology, and artistry with a one-of-a-kind multimedia exhibition at AREA15
  • Mystère by Cirque Du Soleil: Watch the awe-inspiring acrobatics, stunning visuals, and enchanting storyline with a special Halloween twist
  • Criss Angel Mindfreak: Prepare to have your mind blown by the illusions and mind-bending tricks of the one and only Criss Angel, who adds a spooky touch to his Mindfreak performances during Halloween
  • Sin City Halloween Ball: Join fellow party-goers at this extravagant masquerade ball filled with live music, DJs, costume contests, and non-stop entertainment
  • Haunted Vegas: Embark on a guided tour through some of Vegas’ most haunted locations while listening to chilling stories and supernatural encounters from local experts
  • Las Vegas haunts — Asylum and Hotel Fear: Experience the fear-inducing haunted houses of Asylum and Hotel Fear, where you’ll encounter terrifying characters and face your deepest fears
  • Freakling Bros. Horror Show: Brace yourself for an intense experience at Freakling Bros., known for its high-quality haunted house attractions that push the boundaries of terror
  • Haunted harvest: Visit Springs Preserve for a family-friendly Halloween celebration featuring hayrides, a scarecrow competition, trick-or-treating, live entertainment, and more

Is there a Halloween parade in Las Vegas?

The annual Las Vegas Halloween Parade has become a beloved tradition, drawing locals and visitors from far and wide. The city of Summerlin, just outside Vegas, also hosts a Halloween-themed parade called the Parade of Mischief. These vibrant processions showcase imaginative floats, dazzling costumes, marching bands, dance performances, and so much more.

Is Vegas busy at Halloween?

Halloween adds extra excitement and draws even more people looking for unique and unforgettable experiences. The combination of themed parties, haunted attractions, costume contests, and special events makes Las Vegas a hotspot for Halloween enthusiasts. 

Due to the popularity of Halloween in Las Vegas, it is advisable to plan ahead if you intend to attend specific events or book accommodations during this time. Additionally, even though Halloween is on Tuesday in 2023, expect the weekend leading up to Halloween to be busy. 

What is there to do during the day in Vegas during Halloween?

There are plenty of Halloween things to do in Las Vegas during the daytime until nighttime festivities begin, including: 

  • Explore themed hotel attractions: as Vegas is home to numerous themed hotels with unique attractions. Take a stroll through the Egyptian-themed Luxor, experience the Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppes, or marvel at the replica of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas.
  • Visit spooky museums and exhibits: Immerse yourself in Halloween-themed exhibits like “Haunted Museum” by Zak Bagans or explore interactive displays at places like The Mob Museum or the Neon Museum
  • Enjoy outdoor adventures: Take advantage of pleasant weather by engaging in outdoor activities like hiking or exploring nearby natural wonders such as Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire State Park
  • Book a Grand Canyon helicopter tour: This breathtaking experience will allow you to witness the stunning beauty of this iconic landmark from a unique perspective
  • Take a Hoover Dam and Lake Mead tour: Embark on a guided tour of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, where you can learn about the engineering marvel that is the dam and enjoy scenic views of the surrounding area
  • Shop at Halloween-themed stores: Head to one of the specialized Halloween stores in Las Vegas, where you can find costumes, decorations, and accessories to enhance your evening festivities
  • Indulge in delicious treats: Treat yourself to delectable Halloween-inspired desserts and sweet treats from local bakeries and confectionaries
  • Explore downtown attractions: Spend time exploring Fremont Street, where you can enjoy live performances, street art, and unique shops
  • Relax at poolside lounges: Many Las Vegas hotels boast impressive pools and day clubs that offer a more laid-back daytime experience. Enjoy sunbathing or treat yourself to poolside cocktails and refreshments.
  • Golfing: If you’re a golf enthusiast, Las Vegas offers numerous top-notch golf courses where you can tee off and enjoy a round of golf amidst beautiful landscapes

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