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Las Vegas Strip


Why should I choose Gray Line Las Vegas?

Our staff has over 100 years of experience and has served over 20 million satisfied customers. Book with a Brand you can trust Gray Line, the world-famous Blue Diamond. By choosing Gray Line you ensure that you have the best of the best at your service. Choosing the right tour is an important decision. Choosing the right tour operator is an even bigger decision. Don’t leave your vacation to chance. Insist on the best… If you demand 1st class service and will accept no less, then you need to travel with us today. Let our experienced staff make your day at the Grand Canyon the highlight of your visit to Las Vegas. Once in a lifetime opportunities to visit one of the seven natural wonders of the world, every day of the week we create memories that last a lifetime, safety and quality traveling hand in hand with our 1st class tours. 

Why should I pre-purchase my tickets?

Pre-purchasing your tickets ensures that you will be able to enjoy the tour of your choice, on the day that you want to take it. There is already enough worry in creating your dream vacation, pre-purchase your tickets in advance to make sure your vacation is a smooth and easy experience with less worry!

How will I receive my tickets?

Once you've completed the booking process you will see an electronic, ready-to-print ticket on your screen. Not at a printer? No worries, we will also email you this voucher for your records and to print when you have access. You will need to print this voucher to redeem it for your tickets at your destination.

How do I confirm my booking?

Your tickets are purchased and your voucher is printed. All set, right? Not quite! In order to make absolutely sure you are set for travel, please re-confirm your tour with us at least 24 to 72-hours in advance of your trip via email or telephone; [email protected], 702-739-7777, 877-333-6556

How do I make a change to my booking?

We’re more than happy to accommodate you on a different date or at a different time as long as we have the availability. To make a change, please contact us at least 24 to 72-hours in advance of your trip via email or telephone; [email protected], 702-739-7777, 877-333-6556.

Please note, date changes made within 24 hours of the date of your trip will be subject to a per person date change fee; $25 on all Grand Canyon Tours, $10 on all Hoover Dam Tours, $5 on the Laughlin day trip, exceptions may apply.

What is Gray Line Las Vegas’s cancellation policy?

Most tours and services offered on are fully refundable when canceled up to 24 hours prior to departure under Gray Line’s Easy Cancellation Policy. Easy Cancellation is noted on all applicable services with a duration of one day or less. Specific cancellation and refund policies are noted on all other services in the description details. Email [email protected] to cancel your reservation and we will gladly consider your request.

I keep getting the error message 'AVS Mismatch'. My address is correct, so how do I get my payment to go through?

For security purposes, our website is very strict in accepting payment information. Please ensure that your name and address are entered exactly as shown on your credit card’s billing statement, including any punctuation or abbreviations. Though you may enter your address near perfect from memory, these tiny changes make a large impact on our system accepting your payment.

Do you offer group discounts?

If you are inquiring about tickets for parties of 11 or more guests, please contact us directly about group rates via email or telephone; [email protected], 702-739-7777, 877-333-6556. These discounts and their availability will vary and are not guaranteed, but we are always happy to help with your party’s excursions!

Do I have to present a printed copy of my voucher or can I just show it from my smartphone?

We recognize the importance that technology plays in our daily lives and are working towards an e-ticketing system, but for now, you must print your voucher out and redeem this at the time of your tour for your tickets.

What if I am at a hotel and don't have access to a printer?

Please check with the front desk of your hotel to inquire about printer capabilities. Many hotels have business centers with computer and printer access or are able to print for you.

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