10 Things To See Outside Of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, known for its vibrant nightlife and bustling casinos, is undoubtedly a playground for adults seeking nonstop entertainment. However, nestled amidst the breathtaking desert landscapes of Nevada’s Mojave Desert lie plenty of hidden gems just waiting to be explored. When you are ready to venture beyond the dazzling lights of the Las Vegas Strip, you will discover a myriad of awe-inspiring sights that showcase nature’s beauty and man-made wonders alike. 

1. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon.

One of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is a must-see destination just a few hours away from Las Vegas. Carved by the Colorado River over millions of years, this vast and majestic canyon stretches for 277 miles, reaching depths that seem unfathomable. Its breathtaking beauty leaves visitors spellbound as they gaze upon its layers of colored rock, revealing eons of geologic history.

Visiting the Grand Canyon offers an unparalleled experience with countless opportunities to admire its grandeur. Whether you hike along its rim trails, take a scenic helicopter tour for a bird’s-eye view, or even venture deep into its depths on a guided rafting excursion down the mighty Colorado River, every moment spent here promises to be unforgettable.

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Grand Canyon Skywalk

Perched on the edge of the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, the Skywalk is a human engineering marvel offering a heart-pounding experience like no other. Suspended 4,000 feet above the canyon floor, this glass-bottomed walkway provides an exhilarating opportunity to witness the vastness of nature from a whole new perspective.

As you step onto the transparent platform, your senses are immediately overwhelmed by breathtaking panoramic views that extend for miles in every direction. The sheer exhilaration and adrenaline rush complement the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds you. 

Witnessing the rugged cliffs, deep gorges, and rushing Colorado River beneath your feet is nothing short of a thrilling adventure and a chance to push boundaries and overcome fear while being rewarded with views that will forever be etched into your memory.

Grand Canyon South Rim

Located in the heart of Grand Canyon National Park, the South Rim stands as a timeless testament to nature’s splendor and magnificence. Renowned for its unparalleled vistas and breathtaking landscapes, this iconic section of the Grand Canyon offers a captivating experience.

As you approach the South Rim, prepare yourself for an enchanting journey through vast expanses of ancient rock formations, towering cliffs, and dramatic overlooks that showcase the canyon’s immense size and depth. Whether gazing out from Mather Point or exploring Hermit Road with its numerous viewpoints — such as Hopi Point or Desert View — each vantage point reveals a different facet of this natural wonder.

Grand Canyon West Rim

The West Rim of the Grand Canyon offers a unique and thrilling experience that shouldn’t be missed. The West Rim showcases a mix of natural beauty and cultural elements that add an extra layer of intrigue.

One of the highlights of the West Rim is the renowned Skywalk. Additionally, Guano Point offers another distinct viewpoint where you can savor stunning vistas while enjoying a picnic or exploring remnants of historic mining operations.

Grand Canyon tour options

When it comes to exploring the Grand Canyon, several tour options are available to suit different preferences and create unforgettable experiences.

  • Luxury van tours: These tours offer a comfortable and scenic journey in a luxurious van. With knowledgeable guides, you can enjoy panoramic views of the canyon while learning about its history, geology, and cultural significance. This option is perfect for those seeking a relaxed yet immersive experience.
  • Helicopter tours: For an elevated perspective like no other, helicopter tours are a popular choice. Soar above the canyon’s vastness as you take in breathtaking aerial views of its majestic cliffs and meandering river. The thrill of flying over this natural wonder will leave you mesmerized by its grandeur.
  • Specialty tours: Besides conventional tours, specialty options cater to specific interests. From photography-focused tours for shutterbugs to wildlife spotting excursions for nature enthusiasts, these specialized trips allow visitors to delve deeper into their passions while surrounded by the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Grand Canyon.
  • Helicopter landing and champagne: Take luxury to new heights with a helicopter landing tour that includes indulging in champagne amidst one of the most iconic locations on Earth. Touch down at remote spots within or near the Grand Canyon, where you can savor your bubbly libations while immersing yourself in unmatched tranquility and unparalleled beauty.
  • South Rim and skydiving: For adrenaline junkies looking for an exhilarating adventure combined with stunning sights, consider combining a visit to the South Rim with skydiving. Experience an adrenaline rush as you freefall from thousands of feet above the ground before your parachute opens up. A once-in-a-lifetime thrill that complements witnessing the breathtaking vistas below from this section of Grand Canyon National Park.

No matter which tour option suits your preference or sense of adventure best, each provides a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate one of Mother Nature’s greatest masterpieces — the remarkable Grand Canyon.

2. Red Rock Canyon

Just a short drive away from the bustling cityscape of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon stands as a breathtaking testament to natural beauty and tranquility. This extraordinary conservation area showcases stunning red sandstone formations, rugged cliffs, and a myriad of desert flora and fauna.

As you venture into Red Rock Canyon, prepare to be captivated by its vibrant colors and striking geology. Scenic drives along the 13-mile loop offer countless opportunities to stop at designated viewpoints or embark on leisurely hikes that unveil hidden treasures around every corner. Marvel at the majestic Calico Hills, with their brilliant hues contrasting against the deep blue sky. Breathe in the fresh desert air while trekking through beautiful canyons carved over millions of years.

For outdoor enthusiasts seeking more active pursuits, Red Rock Canyon offers rock climbing routes for all skill levels as well as challenging trails for hiking and biking ventures. Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or someone looking for a serene escape into nature’s embrace, Red Rock Canyon provides an unforgettable retreat beyond Vegas’ glittering lights.

3. Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, just a short distance from Las Vegas, Hoover Dam stands as an iconic marvel of engineering and a testament to human ingenuity. This colossal structure is a vital water resource for the Southwest and offers visitors an awe-inspiring experience.

Witnessing the impressive magnitude of Hoover Dam up close is truly humbling. Take a guided tour to explore intricate tunnels and chambers within this architectural masterpiece, where you’ll learn about its construction, history, and significance. Be amazed by the massive turbines that generate hydroelectric power while taking in panoramic views of Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States, stretching behind the dam.

Adjacent to Hoover Dam lies Lake Mead National Recreation Area, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure amidst stunning desert landscapes. With over 1.5 million acres to explore, this recreational playground offers opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming, or even simply relaxing on its sandy beaches.

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead tours

Exploring the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead can be an enriching experience, and several tour options are available to make the most of your visit.

  • Luxury bus tours: Sit back and relax in a comfortable, air-conditioned luxury bus as you embark on a guided tour of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Enjoy informative commentary from knowledgeable guides as you journey through the beautiful desert scenery surrounding these renowned landmarks. This option is perfect for those who prefer a leisurely exploration with plenty of photo opportunities.
  • Helicopter tours: Consider taking a helicopter tour over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead for a truly unforgettable adventure. Soar above these magnificent sites to witness panoramic views that only a few have experienced firsthand. Experience the thrill of flying over these awe-inspiring landscapes for truly unforgettable memories. 
  • Paddleboat tours: Get up close to nature’s wonders by embarking on a paddleboat tour on Lake Mead. Glide across its pristine waters while marveling at scenic vistas, towering rock formations, and possible wildlife sightings along the shoreline. With expert guides sharing intriguing stories about the area’s history and ecology, this option offers a unique perspective from both land and water.

Each tour option promises an immersive journey into the captivating world of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. 

4. Death Valley

Prepare to venture into an otherworldly landscape of extremes as you explore Death Valley National Park, a captivating destination a few hours away from Las Vegas. Known for its vast desert expanses, dramatic mountain ranges, and record-breaking temperatures, Death Valley is a place where nature challenges everything we know about resilience.

As you enter the park, be prepared to witness breathtaking scenery unlike anywhere else. Towering sand dunes take shape against clear blue skies, while salt flats stretch as far as the eye can see. 

The rugged mountains that surround the valley create a backdrop of stunning contrasts. From Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America, to Telescope Peak, the highest peak in the area, the diversity of landscapes within Death Valley will leave you awestruck.

Exploring Death Valley offers adventures suited for all levels of interest and fitness. Embark on scenic drives along Artist’s Drive or Dante’s View for panoramic vistas that showcase the park’s immense beauty. You can also discover hidden slot canyons like Mosaic Canyon or Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes that appear straight out of a surreal dreamscape, or enjoy one of the many hiking trails.

5. Antelope Canyon

If you’re a photography enthusiast, Antelope Canyon should be at the top of your list as a must-visit destination. Nestled within the heart of the Navajo Nation in Arizona, Antelope Canyon is a natural wonder that beckons visitors with its ethereal beauty and captivating rock formations. 

This slot canyon, sculpted over millions of years by wind and water erosion, presents a mesmerizing display of narrow passageways, towering sandstone walls, and light beams filtering through mysterious crevices. As you descend into Antelope Canyon’s smooth and undulating corridors, prepare to be enchanted by nature’s artistry. 

The interplay of colors, ranging from deep reds to vibrant oranges, together with the intricate patterns etched into the rocks, create a sensory experience like no other. Be astonished as sunlight pours down from above, casting dancing beams against the textured walls, an enchanting sight photographers adore capturing.

6. Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

Located just a short distance from Las Vegas, Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area offers an escape into the tranquility of the Mojave Desert and showcases a wealth of natural and cultural treasures. This hidden gem invites visitors to explore its rugged landscapes, discover ancient petroglyphs, and immerse themselves in the rich history of this arid desert region.

Covering over 48 square miles, Sloan Canyon is home to an array of diverse plant and animal species that have adapted to survive in this harsh environment. While exploring Sloan Canyon, keep your eyes peeled for elusive wildlife such as desert tortoises, jackrabbits, and various bird species. 

Hiking trails wind through stunning desert scenery where you can witness panoramic views of winding hills, unique rock formations, and sweeping vistas.

One of Sloan’s most fascinating features is its wealth of Native American rock art, a testament to the area’s ancestral tribes who left their mark on these sacred lands centuries ago. Hike along Petroglyph Trail to uncover intricate carvings etched onto boulders by indigenous cultures who once thrived here.

7. Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park, located just northeast of Las Vegas, offers visitors a mesmerizing journey through vibrant red sandstone landscapes sculpted by time and nature. Hiking enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise within the boundaries of Valley of Fire. 

Explore trails that wind through breathtaking canyons, lead to ancient Native American petroglyphs, or offer panoramic views from atop towering formations. Be prepared to be awe-struck as you navigate unique geological wonders like the famous Fire Wave, a striped sandstone formation resembling an otherworldly painting.

Beyond the remarkable rock formations, Valley of Fire is also home to diverse wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for desert bighorn sheep gracefully maneuvering along rocky cliffs, and listen for the songs of colorful birds fluttering among the Joshua trees and creosote bushes. This state park provides a haven for unique desert creatures adapted to thrive in this harsh environment.

8. Tule Springs Fossil Beds

Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument is a window into the prehistoric past and offers an opportunity to explore ancient ecosystems that once thrived in this region. This hidden gem preserves a wealth of fossilized remains from over 10,000 years ago.

Step back in time as you walk among the remnants of long-extinct animals such as mammoths, camels, and giant sloths. Tule Springs allows paleontological enthusiasts to witness ongoing excavations and learn about the rich history preserved within its layers of sediment.

9. Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains is an enchanting and vibrant art installation in the Mojave Desert. Created by renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, this unique roadside attraction juxtaposes against the natural desert backdrop with its towering stacks of colorful rainbow-hued totem sculptures.

As you approach Seven Magic Mountains, you’ll be transported to a whimsical world where nature and art seamlessly intertwine. The contrasting hues of the painted rocks, ranging from eclectic blues to dazzling yellows and vivid pinks, create a visually striking sight that captivates visitors of all ages. These majestic pillars rise to 30 feet tall, creating an eye-catching spectacle amidst the vastness of the desert surroundings.

10. Area 51

A chain link fence with a sign reading: "Warning Area 51. Restricted area."

While visiting Area 51 itself may not be possible due to tight security measures, nearby communities such as Rachel or Alamo have become gathering points for UFO enthusiasts who seek a glimpse into this mysterious world. The Extraterrestrial Highway (State Route 375), which runs through this area, offers an adventurous drive with stunning desert vistas — a route often chosen by those hoping for a chance encounter with something otherworldly.

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