Grand Canyon South Rim Tours From Las Vegas

Only a few hours from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon South Rim is the most popular destination to experience everything the Grand Canyon has to offer. Enjoy spectacular views, a world-class Visitor’s Center, an IMAX theater showing “Grand Canyon - The Hidden Secrets,” and in-depth insight from your professional tour guide during your Grand Canyon South Rim tour. Gray Line offers exciting tours of the Grand Canyon South Rim that will pick you up in a luxury motorcoach directly from your Las Vegas hotel.

If you’re looking for a fun day trip during your stay in Las Vegas, check out our tour packages to the Grand Canyon South Rim!

Why Visit the Grand Canyon South Rim?

The breathtaking sights of the Grand Canyon have brought people from around the world to witness this awe-inspiring destination. The mile-deep canyon reveals beautiful layers of the Earth’s crust that have been exposed as a result of the Colorado River carving through the rock for millions of years. The South Rim features both the widest and deepest points of the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon South Rim is an exciting choice for stunning panoramic views of the canyon and insightful history of what is considered to be one of the “Seven Wonders of the World.”

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