Why Grayline? When you want to add adventure to you Las Vegas experience.

You’ve been looking forward to this trip for ages. You’ve been saving up. You’ve looked through everything that the city of Las Vegas has to offer. This isn’t the kind of trip you get to take every day, and now you’re looking for something that will make it truly special. Something off the beaten path that will leave your friends amazed when you get back. So you want to know, Why Grayline? Grayline Tours Las Vegas offers some of the largest selections of Grand Canyon day-trips and adventurous excursions in the area. You can select from an extensive list of tours to some of the countries most famous and captivating parks, man-made structures, and natural wonders. This includes places such as the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead, among many other enticing choices. Now, we know what you’re thinking. You’re on a trip to Las Vegas and you could go see these places on your own some other time. So why bother with guided tours and crowds of tourists? We’re glad you asked. This is where the true beauty of the Grayline experience really shines. You see, GraylineTours is in the market of offering you unique experiences to these destinations. When you choose to travel with us, you are choosing to take an adventure and create memories for yourself that will last a lifetime. You may have seen our luxury motor coaches, but those are only the beginning of the fun. We offer a wide variety of packages designed for individuals and small groups to have an experience they will never forget. Don’t just see the Grand Canyon, with Grayline Tours you can see this natural wonder via helicopter, small plane, or our extremely popular skydiving package. Don’t just learn about the Hoover Dam and beautiful Lake Mead, do it on our exquisitely preserved Mississippi Style Paddle Wheel Boat, or while river rafting. And if you want to stay in Las Vegas, you’ll find that we have partnered with a variety of businesses and local experts in order to provide you with exciting opportunities, without ever having to leave the strip. We provide you views of the strip and surrounding area via helicopter, ATV, and even hot air balloon. Let us give you full access to many one of a kind local and national museums. You can even have the heart-pounding experience of conquering the track and the competition alike in one of our Luxury Exotic Car Races.

So, Why Grayline?

We offer you the opportunity to truly set your stay in Las Vegas apart from the rest. Our services focus on the quality of your experience, which translates to providing you as an individual or small group with something unique and personal. You’ve been saving up and planning for your Las Vegas experience for too long to have it any other way. Please feel free to contact us, and remember to choose Grayline ToursLas Vegas.