Our Favorite Valley of Fire Trails

Open all year, Nevada’s oldest and largest state park is the Valley of Fire located northeast of Las Vegas and is full of history. Ancient petrified wood areas and Indian petroglyphs are scattered throughout the park. October through April is the optimal time to visit, as the heat isn’t as intense. The park also boasts several easy round-trip hikes that make this trip one of the best things to do in Las Vegas.

Elephant Rock

Makes for the shortest hike on our list at just a .25-mile round-trip. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to get to the rock formation. While it seems rather simple, the view behind it is the secret surprise. It is highly suggested that you spend the extra few minutes to go around and look at it from different angles. You’ll be glad you did.

Mouse’s Tank

Mouse’s Tank is still under a mile at .75-mile round-trip. This trail is an easy trek for all ages and abilities. It wanders through Petroglyph Canyon where you can see ancient petroglyphs adorning the walls. There is also a natural pothole cistern in the rock floor that collects water when it rains.

Rainbow Vista

Rainbow Vista comes in at an easy and even one-mile round-trip. Rainbow Vista leads to a view of Fire Canyon as well as a trailhead to it. The vista offers a chance for some spectacular panoramic photographs.

Fire Wave

Fire Wave winds through the park for 1.25 miles round-trip. It ends up leading you to an amazing display of colorful sandstone masterpieces. Gorgeous rock formations will dazzle you. Plan on taking a lot of pictures as the view continually changes with the light.

White Domes trail

White Dunes Trail covers the same amount of ground as Fire Wave trail above. But it gives you a completely different experience. It starts at the parking lot and takes you on an easy hike. Wander through a short slot canyon, gasp at breathtaking vistas and even check out the site of an old movie set. The trail will loop back around and deposit you just below the parking lot. Let Grayline Tours take the lead on the ultimate Valley of Fire hiking trip for you.