3 Must-See Sights at Valley of Fire

Las Vegas with its bright lights and the great party atmosphere is definitely fun. However, sometimes you just need to get away from it all for a little while to get back in touch with nature. In moments like these, the Valley of Fire is the perfect place to go. Barely an hour drives away from bustling Las Vegas, Valley of Fire is a beautiful state park that will definitely help you feel connected to nature again. To avoid missing out on the three must-see sights at Valley of Fire, continue reading below.

Rainbow Vista

Red might be the prominent color at Valley of Fire, but it’s not the only color you’ll see there. At the Rainbow Vista viewpoint, you’ll see sandstone in an array of colors. In fact, you’ll find all the colors of the rainbow there.

White Domes Trail

If you’re a hiker, then you really can’t afford to miss the White Domes Trail. Although only 1.1 miles long, the hike at White Domes Trail offers hikers constantly changing the breathtaking scenery. At one point during the hike, you’ll even experience the thrill of slipping through a narrow canyon.

Elephant Rock

True to its name, Elephant Rock is a rock in the shape of an elephant. But it’s not just a rock. It’s also a part of an arch, and it’s one of the coolest sights to be seen at Valley of Fire State Park. Ready for an adventure? Then take this or one of our many other day trips from Las Vegas.