Best Time of Year to Visit the Grand Canyon

An aerial view of the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. People come from around the globe to see the majestic views of the breathtaking canyon all year long. However, some seasons may be better for your visit to the Grand Canyon. Depending on what you want to see and what activities you’d like to do, here are the best times of year to take a Grand Canyon tour.

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When to visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in Northern Arizona, where temperatures can fluctuate widely based on the season. The West Rim, which is the closest part of the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, often gets the warmest weather of all the Grand Canyon rims. The South Rim can be a bit cooler and is still close enough to Las Vegas for a day tour.

Using the weather as your guide, you can plan the best Grand Canyon tour for you and your travel companions.

1. Grand Canyon in spring

In the spring months of March, April, May, and early June, the weather at the Grand Canyon is generally mild and accommodating. If you’re hoping to check out some of the trails at the Grand Canyon, spring is a great season for most outdoor activities, including hiking and biking.

Spring also brings the bloom season for local wildflower varieties in some areas of the Grand Canyon. You’ll get to see the canyon at its most colorful at the South Rim in late spring. Just be sure to keep in mind that it can still get quite cool in the afternoons and evenings, and there could be some unpredictable weather.

2. Grand Canyon in summer

Summertime is the peak tourist season at the Grand Canyon because of longer daylight hours and access to areas that are typically closed during colder or snowy weather. Holidays, school breaks, and summer deals also make it the ideal time for families to plan a vacation to the Grand Canyon.

However, exploring the canyon in the summer can also mean dealing with heavier crowds and higher temperatures. If you’re planning your trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, try to visit in the early summer months to avoid the hottest days of the year.

3. Grand Canyon in fall

Hot temperatures start to cool down in the fall, making it another good time to visit the Grand Canyon. The autumn months of September through November are not as crowded as the summer, so that’s something to consider if your schedule is more flexible.

Some of the best things about the Grand Canyon during the fall are the beautiful changing foliage and stunning sunsets. If you do plan to catch a sunset, be ready for temperatures to drop quickly after the sun goes down.

4. Grand Canyon in winter

Winters at the Grand Canyon can be absolutely beautiful but also very cold. Snow and ice mean the North Rim is closed, and other parts of the Grand Canyon may be restricted due to slippery or unsafe conditions. The good news is that December through February are the least busy months at the Grand Canyon, so you rarely have to deal with overwhelming crowds or sold-out tours.

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How many days do you need to visit the Grand Canyon?

While you can spend several days at the Grand Canyon to really soak in the sights and enjoy outdoor activities, you can also see the best highlights during a day tour. A tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim or South Rim gives you plenty of time to explore the area, get beautiful pictures, and learn about the history of the historic region.

What is the least crowded month in the Grand Canyon?

The least crowded months at the Grand Canyon are November through February. If you want to avoid big tourist groups and congestion, you may want to schedule your visit to the Grand Canyon during these downtime months.

Is it better to go to the Grand Canyon in spring or fall?

The spring and fall seasons both have their advantages when it comes to enjoying your Grand Canyon vacation. However, you may have more luck with the weather in the spring. The months of May and early June generally see the least amount of precipitation during the year. Overall, spring may be the best season to visit the Grand Canyon when factoring in weather, crowds, and scenery.

Is there a bad time to visit the Grand Canyon?

Winter at the Grand Canyon can be tricky because certain trails or attractions have to close due to weather or hazardous conditions. Also, the days are shortest in the winter, which gives you less time to see the beautiful views.

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Sunrise at the Grand Canyon.

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