Best Street Art to See While Visiting Las Vegas

When most people think of Sin City, the flashing neon lights and bustling casinos on the Las Vegas Strip usually come to mind first. However, there is also a vibrant art scene and cultural resurgence happening across the city that you need to check out. Between your tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and other planned activities, leave some time to explore the best Las Vegas street art during your visit!

A male artist using a spray can to create street art.

Here are the must-see Las Vegas Strip art installations, creative murals, and hidden art that are transforming the Las Vegas landscape.

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Is there good street art in Las Vegas?

Thanks to the annual Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival held in downtown Las Vegas every year, stunning and provocative murals are splashed across the city. Much of this street art is done by famous and renowned street artists who leave a lasting impression wherever they go. Here is the best street art Las Vegas has to offer:

1. Skull Face Mural by D*Face

This iconic mural was created by street art phenomenon D*Face for the Life Is Beautiful festival in 2013. It features the figure of a defeated man with a skull face reading, “I Gave Her My Heart And She Left Me For…”. It’s the perfect example of his subversive style and dysfunctional character play that has become his signature. You can find this mural downtown on the corner of 7th Street and Ogden Avenue.

2. Spanish Bulls Mural by Dulk

Also found on the infamous 7th Street and Ogden Avenue corner is a colorful mural by Dulk. Known for playful mixes of animals and surrealism that highlight the human impact on nature, this particular mural features Spanish-inspired bulls, mechanical creatures, and a rich, cloud-filled orange sky that seems to envelop its urban surroundings.

3. “Fear No Fate” Mural by Tristan Eaton

One mural celebrating vintage Las Vegas and all its glory is a stunning piece by Tristan Easton on Fremont Street between 6th and 7th Street. The painting features a classic showgirl in profile wearing a headpiece with dice, casino chips, feathers, a peek at the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, and the words “Fear No Fate.” It’s an excellent photo opportunity if you want to really put a Las Vegas stamp on a post-worthy picture.

4. “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” by Ruben Sanchez

Street artist Ruben Sanchez uses his signature cubist style to honor Hunter S. Thompson’s book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. In the mural, a colorful depiction of the book’s bucket hat-wearing main character is moving through a desert landscape with a martini in hand and a lit cigarette dangling from his lips while holding his iconic briefcase of debauchery. Find this fun art piece on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street.

5. “Peace Pipe” by D*Face

D*Face strikes again with a simple yet provocative mural on Fremont Street between 8th and 9th Street. This statement piece features a revolver handgun seemingly shooting out the word “peace” in stunning gold letters. Against a white background of an old hotel in downtown, this D*Face mural definitely stands out amongst his other Las Vegas artwork.

6. “Cultivate Harmony” by Shepard Fairey

If Shepard Fairey sounds familiar, you may know this street artist for designing President Obama’s “Hope” poster for his 2008 campaign. However, he has also graced the Las Vegas landscape with some beautiful murals you can find on the walls of The Plaza Hotel & Casino. His “Cultivate Harmony” mural spans 21 stories and is representative of his well-known style that encourages political activism.

7. “Pipe Dream” by Tim Bavington

Street art is more than just murals. Located in Symphony Park in front of The Smith Center in downtown Las Vegas, “Pipe Dream” is an example of stunning street art near the Las Vegas Strip. The musical-themed sculpture features colorfully painted bars that vary in height to represent the musical notes of Aaron Copland’s classical composition, “Fanfare for the Common Man.” It’s often included in art-themed Las Vegas tours.

8. Wall Art by Pretty Done

If you want to see work by local street artists, Pretty Done is a Las Vegas-based creator of pop and urban art. An example of their art includes the hand-drawn colorful characters used as the backdrop of the Life is Beautiful main stage for the 2017 festival. While most people will simply walk by it, the details and design of this wall mural are worth a look!

Where are the best art installations near the Las Vegas Strip?

Outside the downtown area, you can also find great street art near the Las Vegas Strip. Some examples include:

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