Discovering the Best-Kept Secrets of the Las Vegas Strip

A woman on a helicopter tour, one of the exciting things to do in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is renowned for its rich nightlife, casinos, and shopping. Its popularity makes it one of the most-visited cities in the United States, with only New York City and Orlando attracting more visitors each year. With approximately 42 million guests visiting Vegas annually, you might be surprised to learn that there are still some secret things to do in Las Vegas. Let’s explore some of the Las Vegas Strip’s best-kept secrets.

What is the best section of the Vegas Strip?

Many people are drawn to the Bellagio Fountains and other attractions on the South Strip. However, to enjoy a quieter Strip experience, you may want to focus on the North Strip. What you find appealing will depend on your interests and the Vegas experience you’re after. 

Are there hidden bars on the Strip in Vegas?

There are many hidden things to discover on the Las Vegas Strip, including bars. The following include famous secret speakeasies and bars in the city:

  • Berlin Wall: A little north of the Strip, you can visit the Main Street Station Casino and enjoy a drink at the Boar’s Head Bar. Afterward, visit one of the urinals in the casino that’s home to a glass-covered piece of the Berlin Wall. Women can ask for an escort to see the historic landmark.
  • The Parlor Room: This speakeasy is on the Strip, inside the Park MGM Las Vegas. Head to Bavette’s for access, but you might want to call ahead. Besides weekends, The Parlor Room is only open during significant events, such as major conventions or concerts. 
  • The Underground: The Mob Museum is just a few minutes from the Vegas Strip, and it offers you a chance to visit The Underground. They serve Prohibition-era drinks at their speakeasy, and you can also learn about Prohibition-era rum runners and see a moonshine still at the distillery.

What are the best local secrets on the Vegas Strip?

Many popular attractions on the Vegas Strip contain some hidden things to do. Check out the following venues to find a place to dine and enjoy other unique Las Vegas experiences:

  • Bavette’s: Bavette’s is a steakhouse in the Park MGM Vegas on the Strip. It’s the gateway to The Parlor speakeasy.
  • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art: The Bellagio Hotel & Casino is home to an impressive art gallery that changes exhibits periodically. 
  • Ghost Donkey: Enjoy truffle nachos with tequila or mezcal at this restaurant located in the Cosmopolitan. With only eight seats available, this is one of the most exclusive hidden things to do in Vegas. 
  • National Atomic Testing Museum: Whether you’re looking for crazy or exciting things to do in Las Vegas, you can head east from the Strip to experience a simulation of a nuclear test at the National Atomic Testing Museum.  
  • Neon Museum: Looking for a crazy thing to do in Vegas? This outdoor museum is right off the Strip, and it delivers a look at the history of Vegas through the neon signs that once lit up the venues on the Strip and throughout the city.
  • Secret Pizza: This is another secret venue at the Cosmopolitan that doesn’t even hang a sign outside. You’ll have to uncover its location to sample its pizza.
  • Su Casa: Su Casa is a secret restaurant inside Mi Casa Mexican Grill and Cantina. While Mi Casa serves Mexican dishes, Su Casa specializes in Asian-inspired cocktails and dishes like sushi. 
  • The Pinball Hall of Fame: This Hall of Fame is free and holds 25,000 sq. ft. of pinball machines. Pinball enthusiasts can play hundreds of games, including Road Runner, Texas Ranger, Magic Baseball, and more.
  • The Titanic Artifact Exhibit: Las Vegas may be a long way from the cold waters that claimed the Titanic, but Luxor’s exhibit allows you to see hundreds of artifacts recovered from the famous wreck.

Other things to do in the Vegas area

Vegas offers a seemingly endless list of sights to explore, and the city’s surrounding area also offers plenty to see and do. Local tour experts make it easy for those interested in seeing more of Nevada and the surrounding area to venture out of the city.

Grand Canyon

When you book your Grand Canyon helicopter tour, you’ll book a journey that takes you a few hours from the city to this famous natural wonder. Once there, you can go hiking or take a tour to explore the 277-mile-long canyon.

Book a Grand Canyon helicopter tour

Lake Mead and Hoover Dam

Lake Mead and Hoover Dam are close to Vegas, making them perfect day trip destinations. Hoover Dam is an impressive man-made spectacle that created Lake Mead. You can go boating or fishing, relax by the lake, or walk across the Hoover Dam.

Book a tour of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam

Red Rock Canyon 

Drive, hike, or ride horses through Red Rock Canyon and check out the sandstone peaks and waterfalls in this natural conservation area on the Mojave Desert. 

Vegas offers something for everyone. You’ll find plenty of options on and off the Vegas Strip to escape the crowds and enjoy an exclusive experience.


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