What to Do in Las Vegas With Kids

Las Vegas With Kids

You may ask yourself the question, “Is Las Vegas good for family vacation?” Everyone knows that there are a bunch of fun things to do in Las Vegas, but some may not know that there are many things to do for kids as well. Some of the best things to do in Vegas can also be fun activities for kids. Keep reading to find some of the best things to do in Las Vegas as family.

What to Do in Las Vegas With Kids 

Since many are unaware that there are Las Vegas attractions that are also fun for kid’s visits, a lot of folks are left not knowing what to do with kids near Las Vegas strip. Sin City isn’t quite as simplistic as it may have been in the past. It’s no longer just drinking and gambling. Today, there are Las Vegas activities for everyone, even the kiddos. Check out some of the exciting things to do in Vegas with kids.

Explore Wink World 

Part art. Part wacky funhouse. All family fun. Experience the neon wonderland that is Wink World. Be sure to add the 3D glasses to your ticket price and have the kids dress up in neon clothing to make this experience even more fun.

Go Ziplining at Fly LINQ 

With all the great movies released by Marvel and DC over the years, even adults are into superheroes nowadays. Fly like a superhero (or in a seated position; it’s up to you!) 12 stories above Sin City with your kids. Note that children under 18 will need a parent or guardian to come with them to sign the safety waiver and, according to the Fly LINQ Zipline’s website, riders must be at least 3’4” and 60 pounds to ride. You can also purchase tickets online to Fly LINQ

See iLuminate 

In one of the best Las Vegas shows for kids, iLuminate performers use LED light-up suits to perform a fun and exciting light show and one-of-a-kind musical performance. This show is performed in the dark, so it may not be suitable for kids still struggling with that fear.

Cool Off at the Pool at the Splash Zone at Circus Circus 

The Splash Zone at Circus Circus includes a 50-foot tall “slide tower” with three water slides, a splash pad (children under six must have an adult) with a plethora of water drenching toys, two pools, a whirlpool, and access to cabanas (for an additional $50 charge).

Bonus Tip: Circus Circus is one of the best Las Vegas hotels to stay with kids so that you and the family can have access to the Splash Zone. It’s commonly only for registered guests, and the rooms are very reasonably priced.  

Explore Omega Mart 

This wacky interactive art exhibit is something the whole family can enjoy. Travel through the grocery store that is truly otherworldly and then delve even deeper into the surreal landscape beyond the grocery store shelves. Omega Mart is definitely a spot not to miss on while in Las Vegas with your kids.

Visit the Las Vegas Natural History Museum 

The Natural History Museum is likely one of the best kid-friendly attractions in Las Vegas. It’s fun for everyone, and it’s educational. Take the kids to the museum for the afternoon, where they can learn about animals, dinosaurs, fossils, natural science, and more. Conveniently, you can get tickets to the Natural History Museum online.

Get dessert at the Cereal Killerz Kitchen 

With over 100 different cereals from around the world, an assortment of dairy and non-dairy options, a plethora of delicious toppings, and iced coffees if mom and dad need a pick-me-up, everyone in the family can get exactly what they want at Cereal Killerz Kitchen. Or you can choose from one of their amazing creations, such as the “LeTACO James” (a taco-shaped waffle coated in white chocolate and fruity pebbles and filled with strawberry ice cream and whipped cream) or one of their Killerz Shakes.

Ride the “Thrill Seekers” Rides on the Strip 

For families with one or more adrenaline junkies, consider checking out the “thrill seekers” package and tackle some of the intense rides downtown. Rides such as X-Scream truly test your trust in modern engineering. It takes you on a roller coaster, taunting you with the threat of a drop off the edge. (You must be 5’2” to ride, children under 15 will need to be accompanied by a parent). 

Other rides include the Big Shot, which plunges you 160 feet in the air (must be 4’8” to ride. Children under 13 must have a parent/guardian present), or the Insanity, which spins you high above the city (must be 5’2” to ride. Children under 13 must have a parent/guardian present). Get Tickets Today for this ride package! 

Spend an Afternoon at the Adventuredome at Circus Circus 

With indoor rides, games, and circus acts performed for free, visiting the Adventuredome is an experience the kids won’t want to miss. The whole family can enjoy rock climbing, laser tag, miniature golf, and free clown shows, all in the comfort of the air-conditioned building. 

Visit the Grand Canyon with Your Kids 

While there are many fun things to do in Las Vegas for kids, you’re not going to want to miss the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon as a family. Let the kids rest from the excitement of the strip during the three-hour commute to one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, then spend the day exploring the canyon. With knowledgeable tour guides, air-conditioned buses, and packages to fit any style of adventure, this is the ideal way to see the Grand Canyon.  

While you might not think about Las Vegas when planning a family trip, you could be missing out. There are a variety of family things to do in Las Vegas. From incredible sights and thrilling rides to discovering the wonders of the Grand Canyon with a knowledgeable tour guide through Gray Line, there are so many fantastic and enjoyable things to do with kids in Las Vegas.