Visiting Las Vegas on a Budget

Visiting Las Vegas on a Budget

Is Las Vegas a cheap place to go on vacation? Like most leisure destinations, your price will depend on when you go and what you plan to do. If you’re willing to plan ahead, there are many ways to have an affordable Vegas vacation. Check out some of the most affordable things in Las Vegas.

Visiting Las Vegas on a Budget

Many may wonder how much does a trip to Vegas cost. While prices will vary, there is budget-friendly fun to be had in Sin City – especially if you do well at the casino *wink, wink*. Find some of the best ways to have an affordable Vegas vacation below.

Cheap hotels in Las Vegas

Excalibur Hotel and Casino 

Here room rates may go as low as $25 a night on certain dates. Also, you’ll enjoy an ideal location on the strip and on-site entertainment options such as the Fun Dungeon Arcade and shows. Plus, the rooms at Excalibur Hotel include an aroma therapy machine and air purifier to help you get a relaxing rest.

Bally’s Hotel and Casino 

Another great option for cheap hotels in Las Vegas, enjoy newly renovated rooms and rates on specific promo dates as low as $33 a night. Bally’s Hotel and Casino is ideally located right on the strip with amenities such as self-check-in, pool access, a fitness center, Wi-Fi, and electric vehicle charging in the parking garage. This is also the ideal location for a romantic room as it is located right next door to the Paris Experience.

The Flamingo Hotel and Casino 

You can get a room for as low as $35 a night on certain promo days at the Flamingo Hotel. Amenities include a convenient location right on the strip, free access to two different pools (one family-friendly, one adults-only), and on-site access to the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat (a free entertainment option, see below).

Cheap eats and drinks

Village Pub and Café 

One of the best places to eat in Las Vegas on a budget, here you can get all your favorite bar foods. Italian dishes, sandwiches, prime rib, and beer on tap are all available at affordable prices. Village Pub and Café even does breakfast/brunch foods until 11 a.m. on weekdays and until 2 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Metro Pizza 

If pizza is what you’re craving, this is one of the best places to eat in Las Vegas on a budget. The menu at Metro Pizza includes delicious pizzas (stuffed and regular), calzones, meatball subs with garlic fries, pasta dishes, and beer on tap. Bonus tip: be sure to try the crème brûlèe cheesecake known for being so creamy it’s “sinful.”

Fat Tuesday

To get your buzz on at a reasonable price, check out Fat Tuesday, where you can mix and match delicious boozy slushies in a plethora of flavors. Be sure to ask about the best price to get the most drinks since some of the cups can get you discounted refills, and there are multiple Vegas locations.

Market Street Cafe 

With affordable breakfast options served all day, as well as soups, salads, sandwiches, and Hawaiian-inspired dishes, Market Street Cafe is the place to go for an extensive menu on a budget. Bonus tip: be sure to try their “world famous” oxtail soup.

Free or affordable things to do

The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat (free) 

Did you know that you can see real flamingoes at the Flamingo Hotel? At the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, you can experience nature and exotic animals, including Chilean flamingos, turtles, local songbirds, and more.

The Bellagio fountain shows (free) 

This one is a Vegas “must see.” For free things to see in Las Vegas, look no further than the dreamy and magnificent Bellagio water shows, complete with music and lighting effects.

Fremont Street Concerts (free)

When looking for free things to do around Las Vegas, check out Fremont Street. With Viva Vision Light Shows set up above the street on their impressive state-of-the-art screen and live music every night, there are plenty of affordable entertainment options to be had here.

The Mob Museum 

Finding affordable things to do in Las Vegas isn’t just about finding free entertainment. It’s also about getting a great deal on tickets to awesome places. By getting tickets to the Mob Museum through Gray Line, you will get a discounted price on the entrance to the museum and the underground speakeasy and distillery (drinks and food not included). Plus, you will get a free download of the interactive audio experience.

Ride the LINQ High Roller 

Enjoy the giant Ferris wheel in an air-conditioned private cabin with a 360-degree scenic view of the city. While this isn’t necessarily one of the cheapest things to do in Las Vegas, it is one of the most popular. By getting tickets through Gray Line, you can get a discounted price and save time standing in line.

Affordable Hoover Dam Tours 

For nearly five hours’ worth of entertainment, exploration, and incredible views, book this affordable tour of the Hoover Dam. This experience includes transportation to the dam, a stop at the “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign, a VIP tour provided by a government power plant tour guide, and two hours of exploration. When you’re exploring, be sure to check out the original tunnels, the Pat Tillman and Mike O’Callaghan bridge, the visitor’s center, and multiple different views of beautiful Lake Mead.

While most may not think of Sin City as an affordable vacation destination, if you play your cards right (pun intended), visiting Las Vegas can be a frugal experience. For affordable things to do in Las Vegas, book your tours and entertainment adventures through Gray Line. You’ll save money, have security, and benefit from their extensive knowledge of the city.