Tips for Parents Traveling to the Grand Canyon with Kids

travelling  to grand canyon with kids

The Grand Canyon is a gorgeous and breathtaking natural landscape that impresses adults and children alike. For this reason, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more than 5 million people visit the Canyon every year—that’s over 10,000 people per day! With so many unforgettable attractions at the Grand Canyon, there’s simply no other place like it in the world.

With that said, most parents would agree that planning an adults-only trip is very different than a vacation for the whole family. Thankfully, the Grand Canyon National Park is accessible, well-organized, and full of natural wonder. In short, there’s no need to worry if you’re interested in visiting the Grand Canyon with your kids. This popular destination is perfect for visitors of all ages!

Parents can make sure their entire family has a fun time by following some simple and straightforward tips:

Bring Refillable Water Bottles

During the summer months at the Grand Canyon, temperatures can rise to uncomfortable levels. Even during the colder months of the year, physical activities such as hiking, biking, or rafting will require you and your family to stay hydrated. The easiest way to make sure your kids stay happy and comfortable during your trip is to always have water on hand when they need it. Not having enough to drink can lead to grumpy youngsters, which inevitably results in stressed parents.

Thanks to several filling stations situated throughout the Park, enjoying crisp, clean water is as simple as filling a reusable bottle. It’s recommended that you bring one or two of these bottles any time you plan to be outside. Otherwise, you can purchase reusable or insulated Grand Canyon water bottles at any of the gift shops or Grand Canyon visitor centers that also make excellent souvenirs.

Enjoy a Grand Canyon Meal

As you’re almost definitely aware if you’re a parent, kids are not fans of eating when they’re supposed to eat. They also seem to have an affinity for wanting to eat at the most inconvenient times possible. Thus, there’s typically a lot of stress associated with making sure your kids have eaten before you even head out the door.

But as you may not be aware, there are multiple top-quality Grand Canyon restaurants that offer delectable cuisine for the whole family. You’d be wise to plan on grabbing a bite at one of these establishments, which provide one-of-a-kind Grand Canyon views and experiences. There are also convenient grocery stores located inside or near the hotels, visitor centers, and campgrounds.

Pack Only What You Need

When you’re traveling with your kids, there’s already enough to worry about before throwing multiple bags, gear, toys, and other items into the mix. One thing parents should consider is trying to pack as lightly as possible. Of course, there will be essentials you will absolutely need during your trip, but you certainly do not need to pack 25 outfits for your little one if you only plan on visiting the Grand Canyon for the weekend.

A big part of this is trying to plan your time while at the Grand Canyon and pack according to those activities. For example, if you know you will be outside for long stretches of the day, make sure your kids have light clothing that can be layered, lots of sunblock, and insect repellant. This is much more sensible than throwing random things into a suitcase only to find out later that your kids are not equipped for what you want to do.

Book a Professional Tour

Probably the most helpful thing you can do for you and your family is to book a professional tour of the Grand Canyon. This way, you’ll definitely hit all the major sights with an experienced tour guide without having to stress about driving or planning an itinerary. This also gives you the opportunity to experience everything with your kids rather than having your focus elsewhere.

If you’re looking for an engaging tour of the Grand Canyon that your kids will love, Gray Line Las Vegas offers multiple tour packages that are fun for the whole family. We will pick you up directly from your Las Vegas hotel in our luxury, air-conditioned motorcoach before heading out for an amazing trip that your kids will never forget! Learn more about our Grand Canyon tours to see which option is best for your family. If you have questions, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

These tips are sure to help you plan your trip to the Grand Canyon for a successful and rewarding vacation for both you and your children. Here’s to joining the 5 million tourists who visit the Grand Canyon annually! Hope to see you there.