How To Plan a Vacation to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great vacation destination! There are endless entertainment options and fun to be had in Sin City. All of the amenities Vegas has to offer are what make this city such a popular location for vacationers from all over the world. When planning any vacation, there are a few things to consider. We have provided a list of factors to keep in mind when planning your Las Vegas vacation getaway. 

How much does a Las Vegas vacation cost?

The cost of a Las Vegas vacation can vary dramatically depending on a number of elements. Some factors that influence the cost of a vacation to this unique and lively city are where you will stay, the attractions you choose to experience, meal choices, transportation, how many individuals are going, and how long you will be staying.

Based on what others have spent on a vacation to Vegas, the average cost of a 7-day trip to Sin City was around $1,504 for a single visitor, $2,701 for a couple, and $5,064 for a family of four. This is just an idea of what the typical traveler spends on a trip to Vegas. The cost of your trip depends on you and your needs and expectations for your vacation.

Is Las Vegas a family vacation?

Family-friendly isn’t one of the first things most people think of when picturing Las Vegas. The city has a well-deserved reputation for being a place where adults can have fun and let loose. Despite this, Vegas offers a wide variety of family-friendly attractions as well. There is more to this vacation hotspot than just casinos, bars, and adult-oriented activities. A stroll through the Discovery Children’s Museum or zooming around in go-karts at Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix Fun Center is sure to please the entire family. As part of the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay family experience, you can feed stingrays and observe thousands of marine creatures.

Witness the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon with a guided tour. Families will be awestruck by the magnificent sight of this wonder of the world when touring by helicopter, limo van, or boat. It’s an experience that is sure to be the highlight of your trip. Las Vegas may have the reputation of being adult-oriented; however, there are endless amounts of fun to be had in this great city for the whole family. 

How to pack for a Las Vegas vacation

From practical to formal, making sure you pack the must-haves and might-needs is essential for any successful vacation. It’s always the worst when you get to your destination, ready to dive into your fun-filled itinerary, and realize you need to run to the store to purchase something you forgot to pack for your trip. One of the most important essentials to remember when making your packing list for Vegas is — and we cannot stress this enough — a pair of comfortable shoes. There is a lot to see and experience in Las Vegas, and most visitors spend a great deal of time walking. You don’t want to cut your outing short because your footwear isn’t catered to walking. No one wants blisters to get in the way of their vacation getaway.

You also want to pack an outfit or two for every occasion. From casual to fancy and everything in between, you can never be sure what attractions you’ll come across in Vegas. Matching footwear is a good idea too. You’ll want to be prepared for anything and ensure you’re dressed for the occasion. And don’t forget a light jacket. Las Vegas may be well known for the heat; however, it can get chilly depending on the season and time of day. 

Hats and sunglasses are also a good idea to keep the Nevada sun from beating down on your face and neck. You also shouldn’t overlook taking a refillable water bottle with you. Staying hydrated is an essential component of beating the Nevada heat. 

When wrapping up your packing list, don’t overlook some essential and convenient personal items. Identification documents, sunscreen, ibuprofen, first aid kit, chapstick, camera, and phone charger are easily overlooked, but they are definitely all things you’ll want on hand in case you need them. 

How long to vacation in Las Vegas

How long you choose to vacation in Las Vegas is entirely at your discretion. Keeping that in mind, one should consider at least a long weekend to really get the most out of your trip. Every situation and budget is different and can be catered to in Vegas. The typical length of a Vegas vacation is three to five days. This city has a lot of attractions to experience. To get the most out of your trip, plan your itinerary in advance and adjust the duration accordingly. No one wants to get deep into their vacation and realize they aren’t going to have enough time to partake in all of the activities they had intended before arriving.

Las Vegas events

There is certainly no shortage of events in Las Vegas. Browsing through a Las Vegas event calendar is always a proactive idea. You may come across an adventure you didn’t think to add to your itinerary. Live music, theater, festivals, and one-of-a-kind Las Vegas shows are popular attractions Sin City is famous for and shouldn’t be missed due to the lack of knowledge that they are occurring. Get in the know and check out what’s going on during the dates of your getaway. 

Las Vegas tours

A view of the Grand Canyon as the sun sets.

Guests visiting Las Vegas are never left disappointed when taking a tour of this spectacular city. Tour Las Vegas via bus, boat, helicopter, and more. There are endless options to view the city from tour guides who know the area. Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours are at the top of the list of must-dos for your vacation. There’s a reason the Grand Canyon is labeled as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Don’t miss your chance to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of this extravagant landmark. 

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