Gray Line’s Video Series “The Bucket Life,” Brings Las Vegas to Life in New Episode

When it comes to travel, people often say, “Life is a list of things to do before you die.” Gray Line, believes life is a journey to live for. In its award-winning, original mini film series, “The Bucket Life,” Gray Line, the world’s largest sightseeing company, highlights the tour experiences that connect travelers to the local sights, sounds, people and places that are “the why” behind travel. The new episode connects the man made wonders of Las Vegas to its surreal setting in the gorgeous deserts of the American southwest.

Las Vegas Valley from tourist attractions such as the Hoover Dam, Death Valley and the Grand Canyon, despite their proximity to each other and ease of travel between them,” said Daniel Nisley, President, and CEO, Gray Line Las Vegas. “We do in Las Vegas what Gray Line does across the globe, we connect people with the sightseeing experiences they dream of.” Each week, the Las Vegas strip welcomes approximately 600,000 people, roughly the population size of Boston. “People love Las Vegas for a myriad of reasons, from the lights along the Strip to the gambling in the casinos, to the shopping, celeb-sighting and, of course, the incredible natural wonders that lay just outside the valley,” said Brad Weber, CEO, Gray Line Worldwide. “It is fun to be a tourist in Las Vegas– where anything goes – and people feel a freeing permission to be curious, to check things out, to ask questions. And they come home from their time there, usually tired, but always fulfilled.”

The Las Vegas Itinerary

Many Las Vegas itineraries are contained within The Strip or even within a conference location. “The Bucket Life: Las Vegas” casts light on just how accessible, how near, the incredible natural and man-made wonders are to The Strip. The four-minute mini-film provides an incredible cinematic overview of what a Gray Line passenger might see and experience on a Las Vegas tour:

  • Aerial shots of the Grand Canyon
  • Visitor Center and Mather Point Overlook
  • West Rim Trail
  • South Rim
  • Helicopter tours and visual itinerary
  • Skywalk perspectives

The mini film also provides some of the more iconic, well-known experiences, including the Vegas Strip by night.

Inspiration for “The Bucket Life”

Gray Line Labs, an internal incubator and research entity located at Gray Line’s Denver headquarters, produced a generational study that indicated different motivations for different cohorts, underpinning the creation of “The Bucket Life.” “It’s no secret travel behavior varies by generation, but our research also shows how some motivations are the same,” said Weber. “At any given point, our tours are filled with members of every generation – from the silent traditionalists to the centennial – and they are with us for a variety of very individual inspirations. The 80-year-old may consider visiting Romea lifelong dream, the boomer may seek clarity through a heritage trip to her homeland, the Gen Xer may love the ability to guarantee special access for tours of the best attractions, the millennial may be excited to share a selfie taken with friends in front of the Eiffel Tower, and the centennial may be taking his first trip on his own paycheck. All are tourists, and all are welcome.”

Why Hometown Guides Are Key to Context

For more than 110 years, Gray Line’s local guides have provided not only the vehicle and the route but also the history behind the world’s greatest sights. “Customer service is key, meaning we want our guests to feel comfortable, we want the process to be easy and centered around the experience, but at the end of the day, a knowledgeable guide is a differentiator,” said Nisley. “Our team lives, loves and works in a city they want to share with every visitor. We are proud to share our hometown with viewers in the latest episode of ‘The Bucket Life.'” “With the average traveler spend equating to $2,400per trip, and just under 60 percent spent in the destination*, the Gray Line family of local guides in our 400 locations around the world have the hometown pride and historical knowledge that hit many notes while in a destination,” said Weber. “Gray Line is sightseeing everywhere – our global team of local professionals makes it easy to access and experience the world’s tourism offerings in a way that is personally and individually meaningful.” *Visa Global Travel Intentions Study 2013

About Gray Line Worldwide

Since 1910, Gray Line has been a trusted provider of traveler experiences and sightseeing tours in the world’s most sought-after locations. Helping millions of travelers discover a new destination each year – that’s the Gray Line passion. With hundreds of local offices on six continents, the global Gray Line team of on-site experts connects people with destinations with a warmth, wisdom, and authenticity unique to its guides. For more information, visit, or /grayline on Facebook, @GrayLine on Twitter, and @GrayLine_Sightseeing on Instagram.