Fun Facts About The Hoover Dam That You Didn’t Know

The Hoover Dam remains a critical part of our country’s energy infrastructure. It is also a fun and engaging tourist destination. Here are three fun facts that should intrigue anyone considering visiting this spot.

Construction Was Quick…But At A Price

The Hoover Dam project began in 1931 and was expected to last until 1938 or longer. However, the builders came in two years ahead of schedule in 1936. Anyone who has stood at the base of this incredible dam is likely shocked that it was built that quickly. However, this fast building speed did result in the death of 100 workers. As over 10,000 people worked on the dam during that time, that is a relatively small, but still tragic, number.

It Wasn’t Always The Hoover Dam

When the dam was finished, it was actually known as the Boulder Dam. The name Hoover Dam didn’t come until 1947 when it was modified to honor President Herbert Hoover. This name change may be surprising, as Hoover was a very unpopular president, but it was chosen to honor his role in getting the dam finished.

A Lot Of Concrete Was Used

Apparently, anybody who has seen this dam knows that a lot of concrete was used. Just how much? It is estimated that if the concrete used to make this dam was converted into a highway, it would stretch all the way from San Francisco to New York. Now that is a lot of concrete! GrayLine offers many fun and educational Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas. We can provide you with the most comfortable and engaging trip to the Hoover Dam possible.