Choose Grayline & Overcome Travel Challenges

For travelers who have travel challenges like physical impairment, there is no better way to travel than on a professional bus tour. Although the phrase “fly the friendly skies” may sound familiar, the reality is that a bus tour is the friendliest, by far, when it comes to overcoming travel challenges.


Would you prefer to avoid the intrusion of an invasive TSA pat-down by an agent who has no consideration for your particular mobility challenges? Who could blame you? Travelers don’t have to sacrifice their dignity to travel safely when they board a Grayline bus.


Airports are the busiest public sites on the map. This often reduces a traveler to being a number on a boarding pass. Travelers squeeze into a tiny tube, loaded with baggage, and all in a hurry to get on or off. This is a recipe for high-stress trouble for the mobility impaired. For the easiest transition from station to boarding and then to offloading, opt for a bus designed for easy access. Travel with fewer passengers than a 747, hosted by representatives trained to meet your needs and ensure your traveling satisfaction.


Airlines are notorious for cramped, uncomfortable seating. The mobility impaired often require a bit of leg room. With deluxe, plush, reclining seats in the latest models of motor coaches, book with Grayline and ride in comfort.

Local Experts

Book a flight and you only get a pilot. Book a Grayline tour and you have a Las Vegas tour guide. Having a knowledgeable tour guide will only enhance the enjoyment of the excursions featured in your travel Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon tour package. To book with a brand you can trust, please contact us. For more than a century Gray Line has made a name for itself among thousands of satisfied customers who have visited more than 700 destinations with us.