Benefits Of Gray Line Las Vegas’ Grand Canyon Tour

Are you considering heading out to the Grand Canyon this year with your family and need somebody to show you around? Then consider our excellent Grand Canyon tour. You get a lot of incredible amenities with this tour to create a fun and engaging experience that your whole family will love.

What Is This Grand Canyon Tour?

For a relatively low price (typically $169-241), you get an incredibly detailed tour that takes you close to some incredible destinations near the Grand Canyon. You won’t have to fight through traffic or struggle to find the best viewing spots. Our tour will identify superlative destinations for your family to view the canyon and take you places you might not have imagined.

Are There Amenities?

This tour has a variety of excellent amenities that are perfect for families like yours. For one, you get an included lunch at the Grand Canyon at the BBQ Buffet, the Skywalk Cafe, or the Cowboy Cookout at the Ranch. For those who don’t like meat, delicious vegetarian options are available. However, this isn’t the only benefit you’ll experience on this tour. You’ll also see detailed and fascinating Native American cultural performances that are designed to teach you a little history. You’ll also get to visit the Joshua Tree Forest, a preserved area that is over 900 years old.

The Hoover Dam

Beyond these benefits, you also get great live narration about the area around the Grand Canyon and the chance to visit the Hoover Dam. Few tours in the area will provide you with so many high-quality destinations as ours. We really work hard to make it as entertaining as possible. So if this tour sounds like the kind of thing that you would love to experience, please contact us today to learn more about our pricing options.