7 Reasons to Take a Trip to Lake Mead

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The state of Nevada may be best known for that mecca of lights, entertainment and non-stop action in Las Vegas, but some of the best-kept natural secrets in the country lie just beyond at Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

In its own way, Lake Mead Reservoir and the surrounding natural area offer as much action as Las Vegas itself – just action of a different kind. Perhaps this is why Lake Mead welcomes more than 7 million visitors each year! If you’re on the fence about visiting Lake Mead during your Las Vegas trip, here are 7 reasons that may help you decide:

1. Lake Mead is 30 Minutes From Las Vegas

Many Sin City visitors don’t realize the entrance to Lake Mead is a mere 30-minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip. Even if you don’t have a car during your trip, it’s super easy to book a tour to Lake Mead that will pick you up directly from your Las Vegas hotel on the Strip or downtown. Whether you have just one day, a half-day, or only a few hours, it’s easy to fit in a visit to Lake Mead from Las Vegas.

The dynamic duo of Las Vegas and Lake Mead make southern Nevada a truly unique and magical travel destination. You have the ability to see the natural beauty of Lake Mead, then enjoy the thrill of Las Vegas all in the same day!

2. You Can See Hoover Dam From Lake Mead

Hoover Dam is a historic landmark in its own right. As the second-largest freshwater reservoir in the country, Lake Mead is formed as a direct result of Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. The dam, which took six years to build, diverts water from Lake Mead into a series of steel pipes that support the generation of hydroelectric power.

Because of their proximity, many tours offer both destinations as a combined package. This means you can visit Lake Mead and see Hoover Dam with just one trip.

3. Enjoy a Cruise on a Mississippi-Style Paddlewheel Boat

How many people can say they’ve been on a traditional paddlewheel boat in the middle of the desert? If you plan to visit Lake Mead, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the calm, cool waters while taking a relaxing cruise with your friends or family. This is truly a unique way to experience Lake Mead and the beautiful desert scenery that surrounds the national park.

You can always check out the combined tours of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead for package options that offer the Lake Mead cruise. Some tours also come with lunch or dinner served on the boat.

4. Lake Mead is a Pet-Friendly Park

Lake Mead is proud to be a pet-friendly park and encourages families to bring their four-legged friends to join in on all the fun. If you’re looking for a great vacation spot that will also welcome your fur babies, Lake Mead is the perfect destination for you.

Pets are allowed on all trails at Lake Mead, but they must be kept on a six-foot leash or shorter. You will also be expected to pick up after your pet and never leave your dog unattended. Another thing to keep in mind is temperatures can climb well past 100 degrees F in the summer, so be mindful of your pets and how they may react to the desert weather.

5. Lake Mead is Perfect for Families

Las Vegas is an amazing city full of things to do, but it’s not always ideal for families looking for activities to do together. Even if you only have half a day to spare, you can escape the hustle and bustle of Sin City and head to Lake Mead with your family for a few hours of relaxation.

Your kids will love seeing the beautiful scenery and enjoying all that the park has to offer, including hiking trails, beaches designated for swimming, and picnic areas.

6. Enjoy Outdoor and Recreational Water Activities

If you enjoy the outdoors, Lake Mead offers a wide range of activities for you and your friends or family. Some of the things you can do while visiting Lake mead include boating, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, sport fishing, swimming, and hiking.

Even if you don’t own the right equipment or supplies for these activities yourself, you can rent a lot of it right at Lake Mead, This way, you don’t miss out on any of the fun and won’t have to worry about bringing everything with you.

7. Lake Mead Offers Beautiful Photography Opportunities

The Lake Mead Recreational Area is one of the best locations for aspiring photographers to capture the natural beauty of the southwest area. The landscape has everything you could want including water, rugged desert landscapes, mountains, flowers and grassy areas, and the most gorgeous sunsets and sunrises you’ll ever see. All personal photography does not require a permit.

If you would like to photograph or film in Lake Mead National Recreation Area professionally, you can easily obtain a permit by applying online. This will permit you to use your images or footage for commercial and advertising purposes.

Book Your Lake Mead Tour

Booking your Lake Mead tour couldn’t be easier! Here at Gray Line Las Vegas, we offer tours to suit every time frame and budget, from land tours lasting just a few hours to more leisurely floats down the gorgeous Colorado River and around Lake Mead itself.

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