5 Things to Do at Lake Mead This Summer

Lake Mead is the biggest reservoir in all the United States. It is so vast in size that it spans over two states; Nevada and Arizona. Due to its vast size, Lake Mead is a great tourist destination. Here are 5 things to do at Lake Mead when you come to visit.

Get Out on the Water

There are plenty of things to do to occupy one’s time. Boat rentals are available for those who are interested in exploring hidden coves. The Black Canyon provides kayak rentals for water sports lovers. Fishing is allowed on the lake so don’t forget to bring your fishing gear. Kingman Wash offers scuba diving lessons. Lake Mead is one of the most popular freshwater lakes in the world for scuba diving.

Lake Mead Hiking Trails

For those not interested in spending their time out on the water, there is plenty to do on land. Lake Mead’s National Recreation Area has nine wilderness areas. There are various hiking trails to choose from that will take you through the beautiful scenic nature. It’s common for hikers to come across wildlife like bald eagles and the desert bighorn sheep. Lake Mead’s National Recreation Area is biker friendly and has plenty biking trails around the area. River Mountain’s Loop Trail is one of the popular biking trails. Picnic tables are located throughout the recreation area overlooking beautiful views of the water. There are several designated camping grounds if you’re interested in pitching a tent and camping overnight.

Take the Lake Mead Scenic Drive

If you have a car, you’re in luck. Lake Mead is a beauty all in itself. But driving in areas near the lake are just as beautiful. Visitors often just go for a ride to bask in the beauty of the area without having an end destination in mind. Take the Northshore Road to see some of this beauty. The winding road overlooks the mountaintops and valleys that are some of Nevada’s finest. Now if you take the Lakeshore Road, the views are just as beautiful. Taking this road gives you the chance to cruise alongside the shoreline of the water.

Visit the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

While sightseeing, drive across the Mike O’Callaghan — Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. This bridge is known for its architectural beauty and outstanding view over the Colorado River. A pedestrian walkway allows visitors to admire the view of the Hoover Dam from up above.

Visit the Historic Lake Mead Railroad Tunnel

The historic railroad trail is an easy hike and a great way to learn about the history of the area. The ancient trail is 3.7 miles long and it is the most intact remaining section of the Hoover Dam Railroad system from 1931. Take your family through the tunnels that once used to have locomotives passing through and get to experience the culture and rich history of it all. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even take a Hoover Dam tour. For more information about Lake Mead please contact us. Located only 30 miles away from the lake, Gray Line Las Vegas is a great overnight stop during your trip. We are more than willing to assist you in away way we can.