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Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tours with Skydiving

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Visit the Grand Canyon National Park and enjoy a thrilling skydiving experience. Hotel pick-up, drop off service, and box lunch included in this deal. Contact Gray Line Las Vegas at 702-739-7777 for more information. Experience the Grand Canyon Tour in your own native language, narration provided in; English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish. Photo opportunity included from the Pat Tillman and Mike O'Callaghan bypass bridge, experience this breathtaking view overlooking the Hoover Dam suspended over the Colorado River

Grand Canyon South Rim Tour with Skydiving Highlights

  • Professional tandem instructors USPA Certified
  • State of the art equipment: parachutes, harnesses, and clothing
  • All tandem rigs are equipped with reserve canopies and Automatic Activation Devices (AAD)
  • Visit the widest and deepest point at Grand Canyon's South rim (over 8400 ft. deep and 21 miles across)
  • Ride aboard a luxury motor coach equipped with video monitors, restrooms & air conditioning
  • Exhilarating photo opportunity from the Bypass bridge overlooking Hoover Dam

Grand Canyon South Rim Tour with Skydiving Inclusions

  • Photo ID Required
  • Hotel Pick-Up And Drop-Off Service For Most Major Hotels On The Strip And Downtown
  • Grand Canyon And Visitor’s Center Admission
  • Rest Stops Included In Kingman AZ
  • Box Lunch Included
  • Photo stop of Hoover Dam

Tour Exclusions

  • Optional gratuities

Please Note

• Paragon Skydive can cater to most people but there are restrictions in a number of areas including; weight and other safety limitations - everyone has to go through a safety assessment • If anyone on the booking is over 210lbs they should contact us directly - Surcharges apply and are payable at the Drop Zone - if it is now known, and someone is over 210lbs before the time and cannot jump, then that person will not be refunded • Customers have to be able to fit into the harness safely - and be approved by the tandem instructor who will be taking them • There is no upper age limit - though customers have to be able to complete the required body positions safely • It is not recommended to skydive if you have had any major back, limb or neck surgeries or injuries or have certain major medical conditions which could impact your ability to skydive. If concerned we recommend seeking advice from a medical professional - as certain allowances are definitely available. • It is possible to skydive with certain physical disabilities or medical conditions - if you need have any special requirements please contact us directly beforehand • Strictly nobody under 18 and everyone has to have a valid government issued ID with them on the day - if they don't have an ID they cannot jump and will not be able to be refunded • Skydiving is a weather dependent activity and we reserve the right to cancel services for any safety or regulatory issue - we will try to reschedule if possible however a full refund will be issued if canceled due to weather issues or other issues which are related to Paragon Skydives operations such as aircraft or airport issues • Customers cannot consume any alcohol or drugs which may impair their ability to skydive in the 8 hours prior to skydiving - suspicion of being under the influence of these substances will result in not being able to complete your skydive - no refund issued in these cases • Customers must comply with safety instructions at all times • There is a 24-hour cancellation or change policy - through with your transport we say 48 hours • Sensible closed shoes which will stay on during freefall are required - no sandals or high heels permitted • Please wear comfortable clothing for light exercise which is appropriate for the weather at the time of the year you are coming - we provide windproof outerwear • No phones or personal recording equipment are permitted to be brought for regulatory and safety reasons • No persons who are not skydiving are permitted in the skydiving aircraft for regulatory or safety reasons • You cannot skydive if you have completed scuba diving within the past 24 hours • All skydivers are required to sign a health deceleration and indemnity/waiver form prior to skydiving • Please eat/drink (non-alcoholic beverages) like normal on the day of your skydive - skipping meals is not recommended • We cannot take pregnant ladies for

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4.5 / 5   overall customer review rating
Jul 12 2018
The comfortable motor coach and the view at Grand Canyon was definitely worth the price.
reviewed by a Gray Line customer
Mar 31 2018
Words cannot describe the experience I had. I felt fantastic when I arrived. They made it a once in a lifetime memory. The staff was the best. Made you feel right at home. Very friendly, felt like they were here for more than money. You feel like they're there to share this great experience with you. Can't thank them enough. Best thing I can say, because of this experience I'm planning my return trip.
reviewed by Mr Craig Basl

Tour Itinerary

Spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas to experience the raw and natural beauty of the Grand Canyon South Rim. Words and even pictures cannot fully describe this stunning gift of nature. First photographed by Timothy O’Sullivan in 1871, we continue trying to capture the beauty of this geological wonder, but nothing compares to seeing the Grand Canyon in person. Gray Line has been providing Grand Canyon sightseeing excursions since 1947, so it’s fair to say that we've mastered the amazing tour experience to ensure you have the best possible touring experience.

Your day will start by departing from the Gray Line Tour Center in Las Vegas located just minutes from the famous Las Vegas Strip. Your first stop will be at the Pat Tillman & Mike O'Callaghan bypass bridge overlooking the Mighty Hoover Dam. En route to the Grand Canyon, your audio guide will provide you with an expert narration of the area’s most historical and interesting facts about the Spanish explorers, numerous native cultures, and the early Western Settlers of northern Arizona.

Before heading into the Grand Canyon National Park, you will be meeting up with Paragon Skydive who will be taking you on your Skydiving journey. After your flight, Paragon Skydive will bring you back to meet with your bus to continue visiting the Grand Canyon by bus. You’ll have free time at Mather Point to explore the trails lining the canyon’s edge or to simply take in the amazing sights of the Grand Canyon. Prepare for a spectacular experience that you and your family will not soon forget! Heading deeper into the National Park, we will stop for more sightseeing time at Bright Angel Lodge, one of the original hotel destinations at the Grand Canyon South Rim located directly on the edge of the Grand Canyon itself.

Get ready for a nice relaxing ride back to Las Vegas in comfort aboard our luxury motor coaches.

After completing your Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour, contact reservations to set up your complimentary afternoon Hoover Dam Express tour.


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A $25.00 Per Person Fee Will Be Charged On Date Changes Within 24 Hours Of Tour Date

Remember skydiving is a weather dependent activity - safety is our number one priority - if the weather is unsuitable for jumping we will stop operations and endeavor to find you the next possible time for your booking - your cost of the skydive WILL be refunded for weather-related cancellations - cancellations are only made on the day based on actual weather not forecasted weather.

Please ensure you read and understand our T&C’s, this booking means you have accepted and agree to all of Paragon Skydives terms & conditions. Please ensure you are familiar with weight surcharges, limitations and cancellation policies.

Alcohol or drugs which could affect your ability to skydive cannot be taken 8 hours prior to skydiving - we reserve the right to refuse for safety reasons.

Your ID will be verified at the Drop Zone, please don't forget to bring - you cannot jump without a valid photo ID with a clear DOB.

Paragon Skydive reserves the right to change the time of your skydive for the weather, safety or logistical reasons.

Please wear appropriate clothing for the time of year - windproof and warm outerwear will be provided.

For safety reasons, pregnant ladies cannot skydive


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