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Forget Area 51, AREA15 Is Where the Party's At

Posted by GrayLineLasVegas on July 14, 2022


Las Vegas never fails to entertain with constant innovation and a quest for the best. From gambling, premium cuisine, and activity that never stops, deciding what to do is always the hardest part. Just when you think you've seen all you can see in Vegas, you’ll discover that there are still more places to check out. 

Such is the case for the new AREA15 facility not far from the strip. Not to be confused with area 51, where the wackiness is (arguably) speculative at best. Area 15 Las Vegas offers all new experiences and a thrilling time for fun in an air-conditioned space.

What Is AREA15? 

Area 15 is more than a strange land of excitement, it's a place to have truly unique experiences in a safe environment. Essentially, AREA15 is an adult arcade times 10. With virtual reality (VR) games, golfing simulators, ax throwing, indoor zip-lining, mind-boggling adventure areas, wonderfully weird venues for partying, and eccentric shows, anyone can have a good time here. Check out the many peculiar and unparalleled things to do at Area 15 Las Vegas.

Dueling Axes 

Have you ever wanted to try axe throwing? Here's your chance. Between the bar area, the stylish environment, and the 18 axe throwing lanes, Dueling Axes is the ideal spot to get a drink and have a good time with friends.

Virtualis VR 

Experience one of the most expansive virtual reality (VR) experiences ever at Virtualis VR. The state-of-the-art equipment and real-life interactive materials make you feel like you're inside the game. Take your pals and pick from one of six different experiences for an incomparable gaming adventure.

Omega Mart 

Omega Mart is part artistic expression and part wacky exploration quest. For this installment of Meow Wolf's interactive art exhibit, participants are sent through a grocery store full of amusingly odd displays. Throughout the grocery store, you can find your way to even weirder depths of intrigue (and be sure to get an on-theme drink at their "hidden" bar).

Lost Spirits Distillery 

Enjoy the outcome of authentic working distilleries while taking in an exciting show. Lost Spirits Distillery presents awe-inspiring shows ranging from snake charmers and acrobats to the milder (but still impressive) jazz performances. This distillery may be the most exciting place you'll ever get a drink.

5 Iron Golf 

Do you enjoy golfing? What about golfing in the comfort of an air-conditioned building with a full bar? In the heat of the Nevada desert at 5 Iron Golf, you can experience the ultimate golfing excursion complete with simulators and an iced cocktail.

Lift Off 

Ready to take your lounge experience to a whole new level? At Lift Off, you and your friends will be lifted 100 feet in the air while seated at your table. Then you'll be air-lifted out by air balloon, where you'll experience a panoramic view of the Las Vegas strip.

Wink World 

With the combination of light effects, mirrors, sounds, colors, and motions around trippy drawings, Wink World is an exhibit unlike any you've seen. 3D glasses allow you to feel as if you are within the pictures for a surreal escapade. The six rooms set to six unique songs are reminiscent of a rave wonderland you must experience to believe.

Museum Fiasco 

Museum Fiasco is what one would wish a drug-induced hallucination was like. The four unique installations use light and sound to create an experience that will make you question the very state of being. Although it only lasts about 12-minutes, it's likely to be 12-minutes you'll never forget.

Haley's Comet 

If you're ready to get your adrenaline pumping, then Zip-lining on Haley’s Comet over the action of Area 15 Vegas is a must. With dual tracks, you can even race a friend around the zip-line. Meant to give the sensation of hand gliding and free-falling, this is genuinely a one-of-a-kind zip-line experience worth trying.


The giant brain at Brainstorm is akin to a technicolored magic 8-ball on steroids. This interactive brain lets you touch and engage with it and provides answers to all your questions. With the brain's almost limitless response models, the website promises that no two experiences will be alike.


Using cinematic magic, Illuminarium gives you the experience of being in space. See the moon and constellations like never before. For those desiring a 21+ crowd, try the "After Dark" experience served with drinks.

Unique Things to Do In Las Vegas

For things to do in Las Vegas outside of Area 15 Vegas, there options are endless. Here are some other memorable ways to spend your time in the city.

Hop-On Hop-Off Double Decker Bus

This double-decker bus provides air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, free access to their app, and three different bus routes for touring Las Vegas. The blue route takes you on a tour of downtown with a stop at the Fremont Street Experience. The red route stops at all the central hotels on the strip. The green route is the night tour.  

Madame Tussauds 

Did you know that Las Vegas is home to the most famous wax museum in the world? At Madame Tussauds, you can get a picture with a celebrity (in wax form), get a drink at "The Hangover" movie bar, check out the virtual reality (VR) room, and see your favorite superheroes in MARVEL 4D. And, you know you must get your picture with Elvis (viva Las Vegas!).

Real Bodies at Bally's 

At the Real Bodies exhibit at Bally's, you will see over 20 real human bodies on display to illustrate the inner workings of how the human body functions. The collection also includes examples of how unhealthy behaviors affect the body.

There are so many exciting things to do in Las Vegas. From Area15 to the enthralling activities on the strip, there's always something for everyone. Instead of searching Groupon Las Vegas for Las Vegas tickets, consider trying Gray Line to search for Las Vegas tickets for even better deals. Having a great time in Sin City doesn't have to cost a fortune. Purchase your Gray Line tickets today and get in on the fun.

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