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Three Fun Facts About The Valley Of Fire That You Didn't Know!

Posted by GrayLineLasVegas on July 24, 2017

The Valley of Fire is an exciting and unforgettable place to visit. However, it has an interesting history that may surprise many people. Here are three fun facts about the Valley of Fire area that you didn't know.

It Had The First All-Weather Highway

While highways were being placed in various parts of the country during the early 1900s, many could not be driven on in all types of weather conditions. However, the Valley of Fire was home to the first all-weather highway, created by the Arrowhead Trail Highway Association in 1916. This attracted the attention of famous race car driver Charles Bigelow, who used the highway to beat various travel speed records.

Habitation Here Pre-Dates Rome

It is hard for anyone who has been through the area to imagine a native culture surviving here. However, evidence of native habitation indicates that people were living here as far back as 4,000 years ago. This pre-dates Rome’s peak of power.

Mormons Helped Explore The Area

What may be surprising is that Mormons they were settling the area shortly after the birth of the church. The Mormon Trail was a popular travel route through the area, one that helped make it a popular religious destination for the church’s members. Does the Valley of Fire sound like an intriguing vacation destination or maybe you're looking for the best grand canyon tours from las vegas? Then please contact us at Gray Line Las Vegas today. We can provide you with a fun and all-inclusive trip through the area that will open your eyes to its beauty and its historical significance.

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